Absolute Flooring

Specialty Designs

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When it comes to flooring that is just a little beyond ordinary, Absolute Flooring is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and creativity. We work closely with our customers, interior designers, and architects to achieve just the right result for each room. Take a look at some of the special designs and finishes we've installed.
Cork to Hardwood Transition
Red Oak Inlay
This job involved installing a new oak floor with a custom-designed "area rug" made of cork surrounded by strips of walnut and oak. Then the adjacent old oak floor was refinished to perfectly match the new floor.
Many manufacturers provide factory-made inlay components that can be combined into a unique look for any area. We take pride in making sure this affordable option is installed and finished as seamlessly as any custom work.
White Oak Stained Ebony
Blue Custom Stained
We used an ebony color stain on this white oak floor to lend a more urban feel to this room.
The owner's choice of a deep blue color makes a statement.
Diamond Painted Hardwood
Dark to Light Transition
Rustic pine floors are dressed up with transparent white stain in a harlequin pattern.
The dark stain on this oak floor contrast nicely with the light cherry floor in the adjoining room.