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Exotic distressed hardwoodWood floors have long been used to enhance the value, beauty, and character of our living spaces. Today, modern harvesting and reclamation practices, along with improved manufacturing and finishing processes, make traditional hardwood floors an even more attractive, affordable, and versatile option.

FSC samplesAt Absolute Flooring, we carry several lines of eco-friendly wood flooring materials and finishes, including products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the US Green Building Council (USGBC).  With proper installation, finishing, and maintenance, wood flooring can last for decades, making it a great investment for today and future generations.

There are many categories of wood flooring products, many different species of wood, and an almost endless array of colors, patterns, and installation options. If a wood floor is in your future, call us or visit our showroom and our staff will personally take you through the process of selecting the floor that will perform best, look great and fit your lifestyle and budget.

Reclaimed hardwood is old wood that has been newly milled into flooring planks from boards or structural beams taken out of old barns, warehouses, factories, and other buildings. Reclamation reduces the amount of virgin lumber logged from managed forests, prevents good wood from ending up in a landfill, and provides richly-colored, stable planks for a variety of flooring purposes.

Engineered (sometimes called laminated) wood products are made from many thinner layers of wood chemically bound together.  This provides several advantages. During the manufacturing process, there is less waste of the raw lumber, which helps conserve natural resources.  Because they are made up of several layers with alternating grain directions, engineered products are also more stable than solid wood planks, and thus can be used reliably in damper climates where excessive moisture might cause problems with a solid floor.  They can be installed over many types of sub-floors, even concrete, so they make an excellent option for renovation projects.

Handscraped hardwood has character, depth, and richness all its own. Each plank is meticulously hand-scraped or tooled to give it a time-worn, rustic appearance. Because each plank is individually crafted, handscraped floors provide a dramatic backdrop for any decorating scheme and can be used in rustic, traditional, and contemporary settings.

Check out the Idea Center for more examples of recently completed hardwood flooring projects for all areas of your home or business.

Absolute Flooring offers hardwood products from many premium US and international suppliers, including those below. If you don't see the brand you are looking for, just ask. Chances are it's in our showroom.

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What They're Saying

"Patrick has an excellent crew who can do complicated things such as leveling uneven floors, playing with handrails and spindles to adjust heights, and plain old installation and staining. His office is very well run, and he is customer friendly. The quality of the work is fantastic...

[I have had] many experiences with different hardwood floor companies, and I can tell you that Patrick has been above them all. He sends his crew for the slightest complaint and stands behind his work. The installation too was one of the least dusty ones I have seen."

- Mana, Los Altos