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Laminate and Vinyl

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Bamboo-look LaminateLaminates

Not to be confused with laminated wood floors (engineered wood), laminates consist of a melamine top layer veneered to a fiber core. The top  layer is essentially imprinted with pattern, texture, and color so that laminates imitate the look of traditional tile, stone, or wood plank floors but are far less costly, faster to install, and easier to maintain. Most laminates can be easily installed over existing floors, making this an easy and fast way to freshen the look of any room.


Available in nearly unlimited colors, patterns, and textures, vinyl is a very versatile and cost-effective flooring options, particularly for projects with modest budgets or for short-term use. Grades of vinyl vary, with higher-end products typically offering more durability and resistance to stains, tearing, scratches, and peeling. Because it needs fewer seams, sheet vinyl is preferable to tiles, especially for large areas.  Provided the clear topcoat (wear-layer) remains in good condition, vinyl floors will be attractive and serviceable for many applications.

Absolute Flooring offers laminate and vinyl flooring products to meet any budget, including products from these fine suppliers and others: