Why Choose Carpet?

Think about that moment when you first step out of bed each morning. That welcoming touch of warmth is a perfect start to your day. And think about that moment when you stretch out on the floor to play a game with your kids and feel the softness cushioning every move. And think about the first steps of a new born and the cushion that awaits the inevitable fall. And think about the beauty of a pattern or a texture or a color providing you a foundation for all of your day’s activities.


Available in a nearly unlimited variety of patterns, colors, and textures, carpets add luxury, warmth, and sound absorption to living areas.

Area Rugs

Are you looking for a specific rug size or shape? Let us work together to create your own personalized area rug or runner for your space.


As a flooring material, wool and other natural fibers are remarkably earth- people-, and pet-friendly, as well as being eco-friendly.


We carry a variety of carpeting.

Carpet is an integral and valuable part of most of our homes. And although we love the beauty of other floors like hardwood, laminate, tile, and resilient luxury vinyl flooring, we also know and love all the great benefits of carpet. Here are just a few:

Soft, Luxurious Comfort

There is nothing quite like carpet for a soft place to play, sit, and work.


You'll feel the warmth with each step...especially that first step out of bed each morning. You'll also feel the general, inviting, intangible warmth that a room with carpet provides.

Beautiful, Stunning Design

Carpet can be an incredible design element to the room. Whether you choose a striking color, pattern, or texture, it can be the foundation of a room's entire design.

Unlimited Colors

Color is an important aspect of self expression and design. Your options are truly limitless to create the look that is uniquely you.

Helps you Breathe Easier

Multiple scientific studies conclude that carpet fibers trap and immobilize potential allergy-causing particulates from being in the air stream.

Soften Slips and Falls

Regardless of age - from the young to the elderly - there are great benefits to having slip-resistant carpet in your home to minimize slips and cushioning the fall if they do occur.

Reduces Noise

Carpet combined with carpet cushioning serves as a tremendous noise reducer in your home.

A Durable Solution
With today's technology, carpets are a durable and sound investment for even the busiest of homes.
Incredible Value

You can get all the great benefits at a price that can meet any budget.

Complete Your Room With

Area Rugs & Custom Serging

Are you looking for a specific rug size or shape?
Let us work together to create your own personalized area rug or runner. Here at Absolute Flooring, we provide custom serging to create a rug perfectly suited to fit your space, style, and vision for your home.


Wool and Natural Fiber Carpets.

As a flooring material, wool is remarkably earth- people-, and pet-friendly. A natural and renewable resource, wool is also recyclable and biodegradable, and more manufacturers are adopting environmentally friendly, energy-efficient techniques for processing wool fiber into finished carpets and rugs.

Wool is also wonderfully non-allergenic, does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites, and does not give off harmful emissions. Wool carpeting can make rooms more comfortable because it is an excellent temperature and sound insulator. Wool is also naturally flame retardant and is specified for those installations with the most stringent flammability regulations.

With its natural stain resistance and resilience, wool is an excellent investment for many rooms. It is available in an infinite variety of patterns, colors, and textures to suit any design scheme or personal taste.


A fiber made from the leaves of the Agave plant, is an extremely durable and versatile floor covering. With great sound absorption and insulation properties, sisal can be dyed and woven into colorful rugs for any room, or used for high-traffic areas such as entries and stairs.

Mountain grass

Or hemp, is a natural fiber prized for its strength and versatility. It naturally repels stains and is resistant to mold and mildew, making it a good flooring option for kitchens and baths, or homes in damper climates.


Another durable, renewably produced material for natural fiber carpets and rugs. Available in many colors, textures, and patterns, it is soft underfoot and naturally stain-resistant.

Natural Options

Grass floor products have been used for many decades to compliment light, casual, and natural living areas.

Visit our Showroom to see the wide range of wool carpets and hand-dyed, hand-loomed custom area rugs we have available.